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Blogs on various subjects based on    scripture from the Bible.


Subject Index (Click Here)

1.    The Early Church 1st & 2nd Century
2.    God & Healing Today
3.    Anti NIcene Fathers
4.    Coming against Territorial Spirits

5.    Common Mistakes Re: End Times.

6.    The Gospel for Children.

7.    The Gnostic School of Learning.
8.    I am of Paul, I am of Apollos, I am of Peter.
9.    The Amazing first verse of the Bible
10.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
11.  The Bible, Allegorical or Literal?
12.  A Dash through the Old Testament.
13.  The Doctrine of Sovereign Grace.
14.  Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Ceased or Continued
15.  Prayer & Evangelism.
16.  Father, Son & Holy Spirit. (Trinity)
17.  Who is the Restrainer?.
18.  The Time of Reaping.
19.  The Plagues of Revelation.
20.  The Two Witnesses of Revelation.
21.  The Chronology of Revelation.
22.  The Great Tribulation & The Wrath of God.
23.  The Intra Seal Rapture (Pre Wrath)
24.  The Beast / The False Prophet & The Whore of Babylon.
25.  The Antichrist, Man or System?
26.  The Whore of Babylon.
27.  An Answer to Supercessionism (Replacement Theology.
28.  The Roots of Antisemitism.
29.  The Lords Table, (Communion)
30.  Church Covenants / Membership. (Is it Legalism?)
31. The Bible & Its Origin.
32.  Melchisadek, Who was He?
33.  Eternal Hell.
34.  The Witch of Endor.
35.  Assurance of Salvation.
36.  The Totality of God's Word.
37. The Wounded Side.
38. Nymphas or Nympha.
39.  The Supremacy of Christ
40.  Understanding God's Will.
41.  Darwinism & Homosexuality.
42.  Satan's Foiled Plans.
43.  The Pre Emminence of Christ.
44.  The Mystery of Christ.
45.  Paul Confronts the Gnostic Lie.
46.  The Way of Salvation.
47.  The Will of Man & The Sovereignty of God.
48.  Walking in Christ.
49.  Wiful Subbmission.
50.  Biblical Numerology.
51.  Marriage, What is it?
52.  Player or Spectator?
53.  Why are the Jews a Hated People?
54.  Paul's Appeal to Philemon.
55.  The Heresy of "The Shack".
56.  The Resurrection.
57.  Salvation & Discipleship.
58.  Science & The Bible.
59.  Ghosts & Spirits, What are They?
60.  Inclusive Versus Exclusive Theology.
61.  The Scarlet Worm.

62.  Stand Up & Be Counted.
63.  Thessalonians, a Church worth Imitating.
64.  Being True to the Gospel.
65.  The Judgement Seat of Christ.
66.  The Great White Throne Judgement
67.  The Witness of the Church.
68.  The Gog / Magog Invasion.
69.  "Tulip" (The Five Points of Calvin).
70.  Encouragement in Love.
71.  A Call to Holiness.
72.  Baptism with the Holy Spirit.
73.  Life After Death.
74.  The Blood of Christ.
75.  God Our Saviour.
76.  The Need for Discernment.
77.  Who Killed Jesus?
78.  A Shout - A Voice - A Trumpet.
79.  Confidence in God's People.
80.  Sola Scriptura.
81.  The Three Aspects of God's Will.
82.  Faith that Works.
83.  The Person of the Holy Spirit.
84.  Assurance of Heaven.
85.  False Christ's.
86.  Circles of Righteousness. (Psalm 23)
87.  Influences from the East.
88.  The Man of Lawlessness.
89.  Playing Our Part in the Body of Christ.
90.  Which Bible?
91.  The Elect, The Chosen of God.
92.  What is Midrash? (PaRDes)
93.  Eschatology & Unity.
94.  Joseph, a Shadow of Christ.
95.  Suffering Servant / Coming King.
96.  A Great Cloud of Witnesses.
97.  Active Endurance.
98.  The Subtlety of Idolatry.
99.  Pure Religion.
100. The Ten Virgins.
101. The Sin of Partiality.
102. Dovetailed to Christ.
103. The Four Messages of Haggai.
104. The Rapture, Verse by Verse.
105. Rhema Misunderstanding.
106. Faith Without Works is Dead.
107. The Nephilim of Genesis six.
108. Truth or Tradition?
109. Hospitality to Strangers.
110. Fruit of the Spirit and Unbelievers.
111. The Romans road to Salvation.
112. The Taming of the Tongue.
113. Let No One take your Crown.
114. The Eden Fruit.
115. Who are the Remnant?
116. Wisdom from Above.
117. When was Jesus Born?
118. Cultural Christianity Versus The True Church.
119. Judging Others.
120. God, the Mathametician.
121. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.
122. Prophecies & The Gospel.
123. Judging Success.
124. Jesus Writes in the Dust.
125. The Principals of PaRDes.
126. Remez, A Hint.
127. God's Covenant with Abraham.
128. Justifying Homosexuality on False Logic.
129. Waiting with Patience.
130. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.
131. Caring for the Brethren.
132. God Sought to Kill Moses.
133. Occult Practices.
134. Abram, Hearing God's Call.
135. The Journey of Abram.
136. The Disciples Prayer.
137. No Ageism with God.
138. Look unto Abraham & Sarah.
139. The "Hey" of Abraham & Sarah.
140. Abraham & Lot. (Choices)
141. Abraham, Courage to Act.
142. Abrahams Assurance.
143. D.I.Y. Religion.
144. Importance of the Resurrection.
145. Believers Baptism.
146. God reaffirms the Covenant.
147. Interpreting the Bible.
148. The Israel of God.
149. Behind Enemy Lines.
150. Who is Taken and Who is Left?
151. Abraham meets with God.
152. Abraham Receives the Promise.
153. God Test's Abraham
 154. Ruin & Restoration.
155. Whether there be Tongues, they shall cease.
156. Lot flees Wicked Sodom
157. Abraham acts out of Fear not Faith
158. The Grace of God
159. Headship and Covering
160. Redemption, Reconciliation, Restoration
161. Third Temple, Yes or No
162. Millennial Temple Sacrifices.
163. Reign on the Earth
164. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
165. What happens when we die?
166. The Will of Man / The Grace of God
167. Biblical Parameters
168. The Errors of the Roman Catholic Church
169. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
170. Born again to a Living Hope
171. Default to Sin
172. Psalm 40, A Song of a Believer.
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