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I was born in No 55 Tram St Platt Bridge, Wigan in 1946.
Having been raised in a place where dialect was a normal way of speaking, it was natural to pick up words
that for many people have long since become redundant.

Not wanting these words and phrases to disappear and to keep the memories of where I originated,
I decided to commit some of what I remembered to verse for posterity.

After writing a few verses over a number of years, I entered a local Festival of Arts competition
in 1996. I entered a very short but funny poem entitled "El Toopay".

To my surprise, it won the 1st prize in the humorous section.

It was at this time that I decided to compile a small collection of dialect poems.
This compilation of verses is not meant to be an in depth study of Lancashire dialect
but a collection of situations and events that I hope will bring a smile to the readers face.

I realise that dialect is difficult to read or understand.
Therefore I have included translations to each poem.
Also, some of the poems have recordings, Please turn on your sound and choose to play, if you like.

Please bear in mind, it is not always easy to translate each word or phase without losing the rhyme.

I also apologise for any expletive that is used but I felt that it was important to remain faithful to the way
that people generally expressed themselves, this was real life and this is how it was.

Jeff Unsworth

Jeff Unsworth

Jeff Unsworth








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My Grandparents, Joe & Esther Unsworth.

This site is dedicated to my grandparents, the inspiration of most of the poems.
They were based on the phrases and sayings that were used in normal day conversation 
and spoken in the Wigan dialect.

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