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A Collection of Old Photographs

                                     Down the Jig. Tyldesley

Down the "Jig" Brow

The Jig or Jig brow was a collection of terraced rows in the town of Tyldesley nicknamed (Bongs) near Manchester.

They ran along Manchester road, down to the railway line on the border of Astley.

Only a few of these houses still stand today.

One of these terraced rows was called Greenbank St. This is where these street scenes were taken.

The railway line ran from the direction of Leigh, through Tyldesley and then on to Manchester.

The land rises up from Astley to the railway banks.

The banks then became known as Bongs.

In this picture of one of the numerous local football teams, you can see the railway sidings.

Here is another of the Tyldesley teams.

The Tyldesley Villa
















Here are some street scenes down the Jig brow












                                                   Old Styles


































































































































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