A Hidden Torah Secret


The first five books of the Bible (the books of Moses) are known as the Torah.

In Hebrew the word Torah is represented by the consonants . Hebrew is read right from left, so the letters  are equivalent to the English letters "TORH."

In the Hebrew text of the book of Genesis, if you take the first ("T"), then count 49 letters, the next letter (the 50th) is ("O"); the next 50th is ("R"); and then the next 50th is ("H"). In other words, after the first "T", in 50 letter increments, we find the letters spelling "Torah." (Figure 1)

                                                                                  TORAH in Genesis 
                                                                                 (Hebrew is read from right to left) 
                                                                                  Interval of 50  T- O - R - H













In the book of Exodus, we encounter the same result. Interval of 50  T- O - R - H

What a coincidence! (Jewish rabbis insist that "coincidence" is not a kosher word!)


However, it doesn't seem to work with the third book of Moses, Leviticus.

But carry on reading

In the fourth book of the Torah, the book of Numbers, we discover this 49 letter interval works with "HROT," that is, TORH backwards.





                                                                                  Interval of 50  H - R - O - T    ( TORH in reverse )















A similar 49 letter interval also appears in the fifth book the Torah, the book of Deuteronomy.

However, in the book of Deuteronomy the interval starts in the fifth verse instead of the first.

Why the fifth verse?

According to the Talmud the book of Deuteronomy doesn't begin until the fifth verse where it states "On the other side of the Jordan, in the land of Moab, Moses undertook to expound the Torah..." 


In the middle book, the book of Leviticus, it doesn't seem to work either way. BUT!!!!!!!!

But it does work for YHWH, the sacred name of God ("Yahweh" or "Jehovah," translated "LORD" in the King James Version), if you count in seven letter increments.










It appears that the Torah (TORH) always points toward the Name of God.


Here is the overview: 

Genesis -  Exodus -  Leviticus -   Numbers -  Deuteronomy 


                                                             TORH         TORH          YHWH              HROT                HROT

                                                                ---->           ---->            GOD                <----                   <----        


Interestingly All languages also point to Jerusalem ( The City of God )

Eastern written language writes from Right to Left and Western Languages write from Left to Right.

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