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Visit'in Mi Gron

I all'us visitid , set'day.
Fot do shopp'in for mi gron.
Platt waz wuz a lung way for childer.
On't trolly buz , from bird ith ond.


It seemed a lung way in them days.
When thar abeawt nine , er ten.
But two an a tanner wuz too much fot miss.
Tha could buy awsoats for thripp'nce back then.


Neaw I coud'nt abide peylin praytus.
As a chahl't , it fair geet mi deawn.
But mi fayther , he said I at do it.
If I wa'ntid fot get orf a creawn.


Sumtimes ad stop theer ore neet.
It were beltin, come time fot gut bed.
Wid clamber upstairs wi a candle.
Which flickered on faythers bawd yed.


Wid aw av a pee in'tert jerry.
Wich was quickly shoved back under't bed.
Tha could smell it in't neet if tha wack'nd.
But nothin abeawt it was said.


Wid lie theer wit candle a flickrin.
Makin shadows un shapes aw oat war.
Un wid play at tryin't find faces.
On't damp patches that we aw saw.


When time come fot bi goo'in.
Mi gron said.. " joe , trait that lad ".
But mi fayther he all'us at plague mi.
Which used get mi gronmother mad.


He'd sit on a cheer , wi his back fac'int fire.
His braces were danglin ter't floo'er.
He'd say.. " jeffries , come poo mi finger.
Then trump un I'd run eawt er't doo'er.


He'd give me the money , I'd kiss im on't yed.
Mi gronmother see'd mi ter't doo'er.
I'd kiss her on't cheek , her'd give mi a hug.
I'd say.. " thanks , un I'll see yo some moo'er

Visiting My Gran (Translation)

I always visited on a Saturday.
To do the shopping for my gran.
Platt bridge was a long way for children.
On the trollybus from the bird ith hand.


It seemed a long way in those day's.
When your but nine or ten.
But two and sixpence was too much to miss.
You could buy allsorts for threepence back then.


Now ..I could'nt abide peeling potato's.
As a child it did get me down.
But my father he said I must do it.
If I wanted to get half a crown.


Sometimes I'd stay overnight.
It was great when it came time for bed.
We'd climb up the stairs with a candle.
Which flickered on fathers bald head.


We'd all have a pee in the jerry.
Which was quickly shoved under the bed.
You could smell it in the night if you woke.
But nothing about it was said.


We'd lie there with the candle flickering.
Making shadows and shapes on the wall. ( war )
And we'd play at trying to find faces.
On the damp patches that we all saw.


When the time came for me to be going.
My gran said…. Joe treat that lad.
But my father he always plagued me.
Which used get my grandmother mad.


He'd sit on a chair with his back to the fire.
His braces were dangling on the floor.
He'd say… Jeffries come pull my finger.
Then trump, and I'd run through the door


He'd give me the money , I'd kiss him on his head.
My granmother saw me to the door.
I'd kiss her on the cheek ,she gave me a hug.
I'd say.. " thanks , and I'll see you some more.

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