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Th'oliday's - Jeff Unsworth
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I'm fain it's gett'n tholidays,
I'm just abeawt gerr'in sick.
I corn't say its rest i'm need'in .
Burr a breyk for a couple er wik.

As't bi flirt'in off to Blackpoo,
In a nice ot'el as guest.
Burr I bet when fort.nits ore,
I'll be glad get back werk fot rest.

I ope we get good weather,
Burr it'l prob'ly rain aw wik.
Un kids u'll aw be skraak'in,
We'll aw be gerr'in sick

Then wife, er'll start complainin,
Un wish we adn't come.
Un then I'll prob'ly leyse me rag,
Un whip um aw back wom

The Holidays (Translation)

I'm glad it's got to the holiday's.
I'm just about getting sick.
I can't say it's the rest I'm needing.
But,a break for a couple of week.


I shall be rushing off to blackpool.
In to a nice hotel as a guest.
But I guess when the fortnights over.
I'll be glad to get back to work for the rest.


I hope we get good weather.
But it'll probably rain all week. ( Wik )
Then the kid's will all be crying.
We'll all be getting sick.


Then the wife will pull a face.
And wish we had'nt come.
And then I'll probably lose my cool.
And take them all back home.

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