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Shill'in for Cleun'in - Jeff Unsworth
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Shill'in for Cleeun'in

Reet… Were goo'int go through th'eaws today.
Aah want th'whole place clee'un.
Yo not goo'in play'in till it's bin done.
So aah ope yo aw know worr aah mee'un.


Neaw thee Raymund, thaa con do't petty.
Get Lanry from under yon sink.
Un mek sure tha scrubs under't lavatry rim.
It's that whats bin caus'in that stink.


Terunce, thaa con do grate.
Gee it a reight good black lead'in.
Un mek sure tha cle'uns inside er't thov'en.
Even if tha as't get thi yed in.


Scrawp aw them clinckers from th'esshole.
Then opp'n that new bungle er sticks.
Screw up some papp'er fot mek a good fire.
Cos thi dad'll bi wom abeawt six.


Jeffrey.. thaa con do kich'un.
Un don't thee forget stone that step.
There's a new donkey bran under't slop stone.
Un tha knows wee'er mop rags are kept.


Aah'm beawnt fot go an fill't dollytub.
Theres a greyt pile er waash'in waants do'in.
So while am in't waasheaws, no faw'in eawt.
Neaw pick up yo things un get goo'in.


Oh…un one of yo u'll at turn yon mangle.
Cos aah corn't do them blankits misell.
Un as't waant a lift wi pegg'in um eawt.
If their not back on't bed..He'll play hell.


Aah ope av geet time nip ter't popshop.
Cos as't at gerr his suit eawt agen.
Un then it waants spong'in un press'in.
Un then he'll not know weer it's bin.


So come on lets aw get stuck in.
Aah waant yo aw show will'in
Un if we get done afoor he comes wom.
Aah met trait yo aw to a shill'in.

Shilling for Cleaning

Right… We are going to clean through the house today.
I want the whole place clean.
Your not going playing till it's been done.
So I hope you all know what I mean.


Now Raymond, you do the toilet
Get the Lanry from under the sink.
And make sure you scrub under the rim.
It's that what's been causing that stink.


Terence, you do the grate.
Give it a right good black leading.
And make sure you clean inside the oven.
Even if you have to get your head in.


Scrape all those ashes from under the grate.
Then open that new bundle of sticks.
Screw up some paper to make a good fire.
For your dad will be home about six.


Jeffrey.. you can do the kitchen.
And don't forget to stone that step.
There's a new donkey brand under the slop stone.
And you know were the mop rags are kept.


I shall be filling the dollytub.
There's a great pile of washing needs doing.
So while I'm in the wash house, no falling out.
Now pick up your things and get going.


Oh…and one of you will have to turn the mangle.
For I can't do those blankets my self. ( misell )
And I will need a lift with pegging them out.
If their not back on the bed..He'll play hell.


I hope I've got time for the pawnshop.
For I'll need to redeem his suit again.
And then it needs sponging and pressing.
And then he'll not know where it's been.


So come on lets all get stuck in.
I want you all to show willing
And if we get done before he comes home.
I may treat you all to a shilling.

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