Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

Scithers, Combs un Pensuls

I corn't find them scithers.
Av bin look'in for an har.
Has any er yo lot sin um.
They corn't er gone so far.


There wonc't were tharteen pair in this eaws.
Kept I yon sideboard.
Just wait until I find um.
As't hide um eawt er't road.


Its same wit combs un penculs.
There's all'us faw'in eawt.
Cos when tha comes fot wa'nt one.
There's neyer noan abeawt.


Sumb'dy ul cop it one day.
Tha'l hear um sheawt eawt " owch ".
Then tha'l know thiv font um.
Thi'l be deawn back er't couch.

Scissors, Combs and Pencils (Translation)

I can't find those scissors.
I've been looking for an hour. ( har )
As any of you lot seen them.
They can't have gone so far.


There once were thirteen pair in this house.
Kept in that sideboard.
Just wait until I find them .
I'll hide them out of the road.


It is same with combs and pencils.
There's always falling out.
For when you come to want one.
There's never none about.


Someone will suffer one day.
You'll hear them shout out … ouch.
Then you'll know the've found them.
They'll be right down the back of the couch.

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