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Nowty Lad - Jeff Unsworth
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Nowty Lad

Has thaa bin maulin in't midd'in.
Tha stinks like owd rott'n trash.
Thi face is aw black, un thi onds are a mess.
Tha cert'in come eawt in a rash.


Stop climbin , un cloddin them bricks.
Tha goo'int cotch sumbdy on't yed.
Un stop be'in lippy un three'uppin eawt.
Else al smack thi reawn't theen un then send thi bed.


Missis Richmund , hers just bin deawn here.
Beawncin up backs wi a gall'up.
Her se's tha's stuck chewy in their Les's yed.
Un thiv at cut his hair deawn tert scalp.


Neaw I'm not goo'int tell thi agen.
Fot stop climbin tert top of yon tree.
If tha faws off them branchis un breyks both thi legs.
I don't want thi runnin to me.


Neaw lissun , I'm beawnt send fot bobbies.
Theyre theer for lads wi no dads.
Theyl come reawnd un tak thi away.
Cos theres places fot send nowty lads

Naughty Boy (Translation)

Have you been playing in the rubbish bin.
Your stinking of old rotten trash.
Your face is all black, and your hands are a mess.
Your certain to come out in a rash.


Stop climbing and throwing those stones.
Your going to hit someone on the head.
And stop being lippy, and speaking back.
Else I'll smack your eye and send you to bed.


Mrs richmond has just been round here.
Bouncing up the back with a gallop.
She say's you've stuck gum in their leslies head.
And they've had to cut his hair down to the scalp.


Now, I'm not going to tell you again.
To stop climbing to the top of that tree.
If you fall off those branches and break both your legs.
I don't want you running to me.


Now listen.. I'll call the police.
They are there for lads with no dad's.
They'll come and take you away.
There's places to send naughty lads.

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