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Conveners Address

" Reet lads , we'll have a meetin."
Is usually the sheawt.
" Wiv geett'n a bit o bissniss,
We'll at get sortid eawt.

Awt lads ,they start a gathrin,
Un meetins on the go.
Un then we hear them famous words.
" Reet lads. Us yo know."

Meetins cawd to order.
Un soon gets under way.
Un then convener tells us,
Were on abeawt ar pay.

" Eaw much ar they off'rin."
One mons er'd fot sheawt.
" Is it wot we ast for,
Or are we cummin eawt."

" Neaw calm deawn lads,
There's no talk of us strik'in.
Fust, lets consider worr thiv offered.
Afoor we aw start skraak'in.

" I'll read yo wot thiv offered then.
Burr a want yo keep yo cool.
If yo don't like wot yor ear'in.
Yo con allus werk to rule.

Conveners Address (Translation)

" Right lads, we will have a meeting"
Is usually the shout.
"We have got a bit of business.
We have to get sorted out"


All the lads they start to gather.
The meetings on the go.
Then you hear those famous words.
"Right lads…As you know"


The meetings called to order.
And soon gets under way.
And then the convener tells us.
We are on about our pay.


" How much are they offering"
One mans heard to shout.
" Is it what we asked for.
Or are we coming out"


"Now, calm down chaps.
There's no talk of us striking.
Lets consider what they've offered.
Before we all start skraak'in. ( crying )


I'll read just what they've offered.
But I want you to keep your cool.
And if you don't like what you hear.
We can always's work to rule"

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