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Aspirations - Jeff Unsworth
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Ah'm leav'in skoo on Friday.
Aah'v geet misel a job.
Aah'm start'in i smithy come Monday.
For a wage of thirt'y bob.

Tomorrow aas't at go't serp'lus store.
Fot get some hob nailed boots.
Un then aah'l waant an avasack.
Un one of them theer beyler suits.

Aah did'nt waant fot go in't factry.
Un definatly not deawn pit.
So av geet misel an apprenticeship.
But mi fayther, he did'nt laahk it.

"Norr as much money as they gerr in't factry. Tha knows"
Un they'l tak thi forr a foo.
As soon as tha's done serv'in thi time.
Tha'l eend up back in't dole queue".

"Chep labour that’s what them jobs are.
Aah'm tell'in they ickle come to neawt.
Thaah should have come ter't Maypow.
Where aah could sort thi eawt"

"There's no way thill get me deawn't pit.. Dad
Aah'm beawnt bet'ther misel one day.
As soon as aah come eawt mi time.
Aah'l eend up on full pay.

Aahs't av mi own eaws one fine day.
Un aah'm goo'int av a car.
Un as't tak mi childer for an oliday.
Someweer further afar.


Aah'v norr had much in't way of thing.
Un as't at do it misel, it seems.
Burr aah'v geet mi yed screwed on reet road
Un besides…Aah'v geet mi Dreams


I'm leaving school on Friday.
I've got myself a job.
I'm starting in the smithy come Monday.
For a wage of thirty bob.


Tomorrow I'll go to the surplus store.
To get some hob nailed boots.
And then I'll want a haversack.
And one of them there boiler suits.


I didn't want to go in the factory.
And definitely not down a pit.
So I've got myself an apprenticeship.
But my father, he didn't like it.


"Not as much money as they get in the factory. You know"
And they'll take you for a fool.
As soon as you have served your time.
You'll end up back in the dole queue".


"Cheap labour that’s what those jobs are.
I'm telling you it will come to nought (neawt).
You should have come to the Maypole pit.
Where I could sort you out ( eawt )"


"There's no way they will get me down the pit Dad
I'm bound to better myself one day.
As soon as I come out of my time.
I will end up on full pay.


I will have my own house one fine day.
And I'm going to have a car.
And I'll take my children for a holiday.
Somewhere further afar".


I have not had much in the way of things.
And I will have to do it myself, it seems.
But I've got my head screwed on correctly.
And besides…I've got my Dreams

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